Well I always thought that allowing someone say something about you is better then letting yourself describe who you are, especially if you are not the most talented writer.

Sometimes you will find a source of inspiration, which defines a part of you. The stories and settings are limitless so chances are there is one out there that has the power to have an influential positive impact on you.

For me it was once when I stomped upon an article by Roby Braggoto, who is a passionate photographer and whose words about his way of living perfectly reflects on my mindset.

The article says something like this

"Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it… 
Excluding out love and family. Considering the fact of how insecure, unsatisfied 
and incontestable I am with enormous need for fresh experiences, ideas and 
prospects off altogether. If it is all worth it, if is worth to continue.
What keep me going? What push me to continue?
Is not always so nice and easy, you don't always feel so lucky and sometimes
you are not so contented, sometimes you wish you have chosen a simpler and easier
way. And through I don't have so much certainty and I don’t spend 8 hour a day
in a factory nonetheless sometimes you feel the need to have some stability, 
your home, your friends, your family.  Occasionally you feel the need of some 
encouragement and appreciation but more often you just overhear words, which you
would rather not listen. Sometimes, rarely is not so easy.  So why? 
I believe that each of us have his personal why. 
I believe that each of us trust in something which make us feel alive.
I think that each of us believe in something which make us wake up in the morning. 
Well I believe in family and real bonding friendship. 
I believe in nature, and sincere love. 
I believe that the "home feeling" can be embrace by a hug of a friend, 
the joy of kissing your girl, the mood of waking up in the early morning in a new place 
where you have never been before.I believe in simple things. 
I live for simple things. And this text is addressed to you all. 
To you who work 8 hours in a factory standing without complain, 
to you who bear with your boss, to you serving unkind customers, 
to you who don’t take skateboarding pictures for living.
To you who live for simple stuff, to you who look at things with you heart not 
only eyes, to you who don't need money to express yourself, 
to you who is humble and unique.  

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